The Shiny Cougar Phontum Professional Headset

Phontum Energy!

The specs of the Cougar Phontum Energy offer you a touch as to the standard of the audio to count on, it makes use of 53mm graphene drivers to supply it’s digital 7.1 encompass sound.  Overclockers Membership level out that the 7.1 impact is really digital, there is no such thing as a {hardware} DAC on this ~$80 headset so the whole lot is finished in software program.

Talking of software program, the suite that Cougar created for the Phontum energy has an honest and easy interface, supplying you with a straightforward option to management the lighting on the headset in addition to an equalizer.  Then again, the pictures they used within the driver are uniquely amusing, and never in a great way.

The headset may very well be in style with the RGB crowd, as you possibly can see it has a powerful quantity of lighting and the general look will enchantment to many.  Sadly, in the long run the appears to be like have been about the one optimistic function of the primary Cougar headset OCC have ever reviewed because the audio high quality didn’t meet with their expectations.  Check out the full review for details as well as OCC’s suggested alternative here.

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