, Know that Your Pc is 'HACKED' and methods to FIX IT!, Docuneedsph
, Know that Your Pc is 'HACKED' and methods to FIX IT!, Docuneedsph

Know that Your Pc is ‘HACKED’ and methods to FIX IT!

I am going over a couple of frequent signs of a hacked PC and I am going over methods to repair them! i.e. Ransomware… amongths others…

That is Half one on this matter. I’ll convey out extra…quickly!



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  • Hi can you please try to read my problem I badly need some help I think my computer was hacked Because when i try to open my facebook account or google account I can't log in and I clicked the circle button on top of the chrome beside with the three period button in right side it says guest so I guess my computer was hacked right?and how can i recover it?please help me

  • Hi I haven’t been able to use the WiFi on my computer after I downloaded something from a website I have now deleted the file and restarted my computer numerous times yet it doesn’t work.I also did a malware scan which I have 16 unwanted PUPs got rid of them the next day I have 24.pls help

  • I'm not sure how, but I think my laptop is being hacked. When I'm inactive on it thubgs move around on my desktop and I had YouTube open and I had watched a video and all of a sudden, the video replayed "by itself" which scared the crud outta me. I also think they can access my computer when I have my computer off, what is the best thing to do? Thanks!

  • I got a hacker. A hacker is trying to download riskware but malwarebytes is blocking it. I tried videos that you have open task manager and kill the suspicious task but that didn’t work. Malwarebytes says i am safe. I think is the hacker is bypassing malwarebytes and i have malwarebytes premium. Please help.

  • No matter how good you are to them it doesn’t mean that they will treat you the same way. I have been married to my wife for years with no idea she was cheating. Suddenly i started noticing changes in behavior, i suspected something was wrong. So i confided in a friend who convinced and introduced me to Alexghacklord . He was able to hack into my wife mobile phone, Text messages, Call logs, IG, browser history, deleted messages, Emails and WhatsApp . It seemed as though my life was spinning out of control getting to find out she has someone else. I filed for a divorce just could not continue with lies. If you feel you are been exploited in your marriage and you need proof. I suggest you contact(lordhackerdonald@gmail.com) for your spy and hacking job and be free, just like me today.

  • I'm not sure what on earth happened to my laptop. My laptop wont turn on and even before that my laptop didn't work. It was very slow. I had downloaded games.lol to try and download a game but I did some research and I'm sure my laptop is infected by a virus 🙁

  • Please help me.😢 someone is changing my wallpaper and lock wallpaper without my permission. It happen a lot of times. Please can someone tell me what to do? Is my laptop is being hack? How to stop it?

    Ps. Am using a windows 10
    Please help me. And i just buy it as second hand.

  • So i was on my pc playing csgo and then my character moved by their self i reset my pc and turn it on it was normal and then i left my pc for a 1 min and then hes typing by hes own Half life alyx so i So then i reseted my whole pc and then it was back to normal but some times its doing some weird things what do i need to do?

  • Hoping you could help explain this for me…I use my computer for mainly gaming rarely ever do I use the browser and etc….A couple of weeks ago I logged my steam details into a fake duplicate website of a legitimate site and after doing so I was met with a screen saying this site is under maintenance then followed by a blank white screen saying error at the time I had a bad guy feeling about it but continued using my computer for another hour or so the legit site is for gambling in-game skins for a game I play anyway I shut down my computer then decided to check steam out on my phone app tried to login but was met with password incorrect from there I knew my steam account was stolen I then boot my computer back up and I try to login user a local password but said password incorrect after many attempts I removed my ethernet cable and shut it back down I tried logging in to my email and other accounts link to that email but was greeted with the same thing gaming, shopping, financial all lost so I used recovery to gain access to my email and spent hours resetting passwords to all the accounts linked some accounts the passwords would be change again right after I reset it but ended up getting most of them back. The following day I used a family member computer to download windows on a USB and reformatted my hard-drives for a clean install. I was previously using my Microsoft account and only had one user account on the computer as admin but using a local password if that helps with anything. I was hesitant to use the PC until a few days ago but everything seems on I regret not running offline scans but wasn't equipped to do so anyway. Windows defender didn't alert me to any virus or nothing at the time and didn't see any downloads happening at all. I use different passwords to all my accounts whatever it was even accessed accounts I never used on the computer all within a hour or two. My question(s) is do you have any idea what this could have been? Is my email/accounts still at risk even after password resets and two step authentication where I could? Is it possible that now my hardware could be effected gpu cpu memory etc? Microsoft themselves couldn't even give me any type of answer just kept telling me to do recovery after I told them multi able times I've already done that. I appreciate any help you could give thank you your video was very informative I've now subscribed 😀

  • idk my pc is hacked my steam account and older gmail account is hacked and then my steam i got a webcam on my pc too i beg help pls is a good antivirus like bitdefender good for hackers? i m buying rn man pls i beg help me tnx

  • I dowload an excel file on a website ( company website ) just the other day I can't download excel file in that website anymore. It said it is corrupt and file format is not match. But it also said someone using this account as well. I dunno what to do. How can I fix it ?

  • Sir l make a dangerous virus code by using notepad just for making sure it is worked but i did it in my own computer my computer become useless so what can l do to get away from this kind of problems.everything is happened for seeing a utube channel where they taught us what is ethical hacking and what is malicious and dangerous virus codes manufacturing by notepad

  • I was just playing a game in roblox and my laptop randomly turned off and something popped on my screen saying “locked” what does it means and how do I fix it? I’ve tried taking the battery out and it still doesn’t works help

  • Could you help me i beg u i downloaded a app ( i was really dumb ) and the guy said disable antivirus i did it installed and opened it did dissapear and it was on task manager and dissapeared too please help mee!!! Now i reseted my whole pc and i dont know if its still there?

  • I was on a website that someone said that would let me watch free movies and stuff and I got a message from a person that said they knew me and I say I did not know anyone and they send me photos but i had to sign in password and stuff and I said no and I clicked off and they did not stop sending me photos and that's when i got scared and thought it was a virus and that's when my computer was slow and my password changed and my mom and I did not change it
    please tell me what's happening and what to do

  • Peoples usually gets hacked bcs they give hacker perms . I remember browsing some random things on tor and after that someone controlled my pc with some kind of remote program he bassicly turn on when I go offline and start browsing my files and after he see that I'm on pc he move cursor and turn off that program u can't find that program anywhere on pc but point is I only got hacked bcs I was stupid

  • someone keeps going in my mic and camera and also sometimes when i log in on email its on an ip address in diffirent parts of america i called a scammer dude but he only had my number and email. i made new passwords many verifications and resetted whole pc but he keeps doing it like they sell my laptop info online or something

  • So today was my microphone was acting up so I had my voice recorder app open on my pc to try to fix it and then switched to my microphone settings and it has a green bar that lights up when u speak and for the first three seconds it worked but then stopped and switched to another noise it was like background noise and tapping and shuffling and then my volume went all the way high and It fought with me trying to put it low and then it would go immediately to mute and would fight for me to try to put the volume up and then I could still hear that background noise of another person so I was spooked even though he didn’t talk so I turned of my laptop and took out the battery.

  • A heroset file infected on my computer,i cant launch and i cant run any applications and in my local disc came a new read me file,they want to send me a 750 dollars to bring back my all file please help me to bring back my computer normal

  • IIve installed cheat/hack file for my game and it work but now i didnt hack anymore but after few day my account hacked ..i didnt now how check malware in my pc…i already uninstall the hack/cheat file ..

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