Palawan has many treasures. Almost in every corner of this place, you can find a something that would make your jaw drop. But aside from the regular and popular destinations in Palawan, there is a place that any visitor of the Palawan should go to. Add more fun activities to your itinerary by visiting Mt. Tapyas.

Mt. Tapyas, which means cut in English, got its name because of the bombings that occurred in the area during WWII. The Japanese soldiers hid on the hill so the American soldiers dropped bombs on it which resulted to the shrinking of the mountain. It is an easier climb compared to quite a lot of other mountains here in the country. It is the mountain to climb for people who don’t want to have a hard climb because of having to carry tons of equipment and things, a lot of creepy crawlies and sticky mud. First time climbers can actually already reach the peak of the mountain within 20-30 minutes. Additionally, what makes it easier to climb is that you don’t have to blindly trail the mountain because to reach the summit you can take the stairs. The summit gives the best view of the different of the Islands in Coron; a full 360 view of the beautiful Coron. Mt. Tapyas is the second highest mountain in the area so consider this an easy challenge.

This is a unique looking mountain because the top area isn’t your usual collection of trees but it is more of like a grotto peak because of the cross that is found at the top most part. And another different thing about it is that makes it noticeable too is that there aren’t any trees on it. However, that doesn’t make the mountain any less beautiful. The science behind why there are no trees on it is that there are three specific minerals, Manganese, Nickel and Chromite, found here that limits tree growth on the mountain.

So there are a couple of ways to really enjoy the view of the mountain. Once you’re going up the stairs, it is best to take your time at some of time by stopping and just enjoying the view. Breathe in the fresh air and feel how wonderful your surroundings is. The best time to go here is after summer season so that the grass is green, unless of course you can appreciate brown a bit dried up grass. Additionally, what makes it nice to visit to after summer is that the wind is also cooler; making the climb easier and more comfortable. Even though it is comparatively easier than most mountains, its 723 steps of stairs may still tire you out. Best to bring a light gear and some water, just to rehydrate yourself during your climb.

But the best and easiest way to really just enjoy Mt. Tapyas is to let go of whatever it is that’s in your mind. Let the beauty of the mountain fill your thoughts, let it make you happier, just like how it made me happy. Anyone who goes here will surely feel a whole better, emotionally, after it.

Chasing Sunset in Coron (This photo is taken from Sunlight Hotel)